Strategic Alliance Partners

Contact:Andrew Miller
Phone: 415-572-3550
Prialto provides virtual administrative assistants to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our virtual executive assistant services are curated and managed from our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, with creative insights from our global staff in Asia and Central America.

Our global telecommuting enables talented people in peripheral parts of the world economy to do cool work with dynamic business professionals in amazing places like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Prialto’s core values (COIL) are key to our company’s success and yours. When we are delivering on all four values, they become COILS that ensure the highest levels of service for our members and create a positive work environment for our staff.

Contact: Chris Haddaway
Phone: 510-301-0270
BizX is more than a company. BizX is an idea and a network. A gathering of smart business owners with a common purpose – to upgrade their businesses and lives through the power of trade. The BizX team exists to fuel that trade, to enable businesses like yours to unlock their full potential. BizX is a collaboration.

BizX is more than a currency. The BizX dollar contains the blood and sweat, the aspirations and successes of thousands of entrepreneurs like you. Through this trusted currency, otherwise empty seats, un-billed hours, and empty billboards, are transformed into things you want and need. BizX is concrete value.

BizX cannot be owned. BizX belongs to its members, each leveraging the strength of this vast network of like-minded networkers, working successfully against the odds and thriving. BizX members understand the power of collective, the volume of the crowd, the opportunities in the Sharing Economy. BizX is your economy.

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We are in this together, for each other. We are the business of community.

Contact: Joe Diliberto
Phone: 510-530-5060
Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, leadership and management training. For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process. Our training is designed to create lasting improvement rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs. To help clients accomplish their goals, Sandler provides “reinforcement training,” that combines quality materials along with access to ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions. We provide continuing face-to-face support and reinforcement of the world’s most successful selling system.

Contact:Richard Evans
Today, businesses need to be flexible and fast moving. At Werqwise, we are changing the way the world works by approaching workspace unconventionally. It’s not just about the space, it’s about the people and the way they work. Environmental psychology drives our designs and allows us to positively impact businesses by putting people at the center of what we do. We create innovative environments that embrace different business models, different brands and different ways of ways of working.

Our members are able to focus on what’s important to them because we focus on and understand their business needs. They decide the best type of environment for them to thrive in. Whether it be at their desk, a quiet place to focus or a more interactive area to collaborate, they feel comfortable and confident doing their best work. Our solutions are designed to to fit each member company’s unique needs.

It’s what we call werqing wisely.

Contact:Jen Kokko
We’re obsessed with delivering HR mastery. We love helping clients strengthen and streamline their businesses. Our proven approach helps you better manage costs and minimize risk. You’ll get the ready-to-use HR infrastructure that your business needs to be more efficient and profitable.

To bring out the best in your people, we’ll also show you how to maximize their performance and job satisfaction. That’s our inspiration and purpose.

Contact:Andreas Danklemann
Phone: (415) 990-8235

 As a certified partner of The Predictice Index, Andreas uses a data driven approach to talent optimization and helps companies build winning teams that deliver on their goals. Rather than the traditional techniques, he uses:

  • Science to gather people data.
  • He then maps this data against the business strategy.
  • Then he aligns people to the strategy to maximize results – just like you’d build a winning sports team.




Phone: 650-208-2528