Spouse/Life Partner Program

EO considers the Spousal/Life Partner (SLP) Forum Program one of its most important and valuable member benefits. SLP Forums have been a part of the organization since the inception of the Forum program. A SLP Forum is structured just like a member Forum SLP Forums follow the same communication protocols as member forums, including Gestalt Language Protocol and confidentiality members are trained like regular EO members and have access to Forum resources.

EO Member Benefits

Spouse/life partner involvement in EO enhances the member’s EO experience: When a spouse/life partner is in an SLP Forum, he/she is more supportive of the time and resources the member puts into EO because he/she has a deeper, first-hand understanding of the Forum experience. The member gets a happier, more content spouse/life partner: The Forum experience offers great benefits to anyone who has the good fortune of being part of one. When a member’s spouse/life partner is in an SLP Forum, he/she typically sees the spouse/life partner become happier and more content as a result of being a part of Forum. For untrained spouses/life partners to understand the importance of confidentiality expectations: Members with a spouse/life partner in an SLP Forum receive greater understanding for and tolerance of the confidentiality protocol that a Forum demands; a spouse/life partner understands why the member can’t share what is discussed at Forum meetings.

Spousal/Life Partner Forum Member Benefits

Increased visibility among EO members and in the greater business community: Involvement in an SLP Forum, and EO in general, gives an SLP member greater exposure to the business community and enhances his/her network. More comfortable and confident at chapter-sponsored family events: When a spouse/life partner is in an SLP Forum, he/she has a builtin group of fellow EOers (SLP mates) that he/she will be comfortable around when attending family functions. Getting to participate in a Forum is a benefit in and of itself: For no additional cost, spouses/life partners get to take advantage of EO’s proven Forum best practices. Greater knowledge of, and access to, other EO programs that are available to spouses and family members: SLP members are more likely to learn about, and take advantage of, other family-oriented events and programs offered through EO.


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